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Turning purpose into profit
Brand, Innovation & communication

Value-driven growth for Businesses, Brands and Personalities

Driving brand as a business and individual strategy

Hi – I am Anne

Growth through clarity and inspiration

I am a brand leader in the tech and digital business space, an expert for value-driven growth and an award-winning brand & transformation strategist for lifestyle, health, tech and mobility.  As a consultrepreneur I help you grow businesses that make a difference and truly believe that everyone profits from purpose – since 2012 with my own ventures.

Among the many companies I worked with are Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, Mercedes Benz, VIU Eyewear, Friendsurance, Applift, Osram, Harley Davidson, Offerista, Roland Berger, Applift, Tesa, CDU, Intel and many more.

Since 2020 with a strong focus on sustainable business strategies with Rebecca Henderson as my professor in Harvard.

I teach and speak about brand building, profitable purpose, value-driven growth, and empowerment at events like the New Mittelstand Summit or Universities like D-School Potsdam and Macromedia.

Brand and Purpose Impulses

Need some inspiration? Challenge?  Discuss a perspective? Let’s talk.

Brand Development

Let’s co-create your relevant, unique and impact-driven brand! A strong brand that stands out and attracts the right people fast and sustainably

Brand Sparring

In need for a sounding board and expert guidance?
I’m curious to know more about your challenges and share my knowledge with you.

Marc Preusche, Managing Partner blue8 AG

Anne’s ability to cut through all the bullshit and identify the core strengths of companies is amazing! By bringing together the internal and external view, the company and the customer, she matches an actual purpose to outside demand, and creates brands that inspire employees and delight markets.“

Stefan Benndorf, Founding Partner scaleon

„With high curiosity, outside-the-box thinking and creative approaches she helped us unlock and develop our brand identity and bring it to the next level. The process was really fascinating and I truly enjoyed working with Anne on this.“

Martin Bruncko, EVP, Europe at Binance

Beyond her very strong domain expertise, Anne is a very sharp thinker, with the view for both the broad picture and relevant detail. She’s also really enthusiastic and dedicated, which makes it a true pleasure to work with her.“

Karen, Lawyer from Berlin

Anne is an expert when it comes to branding people. She is professional, committed and understands her clients’ perspective. She helped me define my goals thoroughly for my professional life and what the next steps should be. She provides practical advice that is actionable.“

Denise Bliesener, Zentralnorden CEO

Anne is a great thinker and strategist who really understands how to translate brand into unique experiences. Her thinking ahead inspires thinking beyond the given project scope to really move forward. Meet her!


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Mercedes Benz
Otto Group
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